The International Regulatory Development Partnership (IRDP) assists countries with emerging nuclear power programs in developing organizational and programmatic resources for regulatory oversight.


IRDP provides technical assistance internationally to develop organizational infrastructure and programmatic resources for licensing and oversight of nuclear power and research and test reactors. NRC staff and contractors provide direct consultation and support to national regulators. The program produces training programs which cover the full range of topics relevant to reactor oversight and the development of a regulatory capability and provides bi-lateral support to enhance knowledge development and address challenging management issues. More ›

Bi-Lateral Consulting

IRDP provides bi-lateral support to partner countries to further enhance agency development. This support would typically be requested by a partner country and has involved such issues as human relations development, assistance in development of specific regulatory programs, and improved understanding of the role of a regulatory agency as related to legal aspects, enforcement, technical document reviews, and inspection program development and implementation. More ›


IRDP develops and delivers training modules and workshops on topics ranging from the fundamentals of reactor safety regulation to the details of licensing reviews to construction and vendor inspections. The training modules cover key topics related to organizational infrastructure and regulatory programs. Courses are generally two to five days long and are presented at the regulatory agency of the participating country, by knowledgeable NRC staff and contractors. More ›

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